GREY nomads are creating a major boom to the Fraser Coast's economy, pumping more than $9000 a day into businesses across Hervey Bay and Maryborough.

But the monetary windfall is almost doubled when the influx of tourists visiting the Heritage City's Gallipoli to Armistice memorial, opened last month, is factored in.

It paints a positive picture for the region's tourism scene after Maryborough was declared an RV friendly town last year, thanks to a lengthy campaign spearheaded by the Chronicle for the declaration in 2016.

Doon Villa RV park caretaker Glenn Barsby has seen first-hand the wealth RV travellers bring into the region, with about 403 vans stayin at the grounds last month.

After tallying their spends in town, he said the average RV traveller spent about $9,304 per day in the Fraser Coast, ranging from food and drink to dental appointments.

"It's a tremendous boost to town," Mr Barsby said.

"Previously, these people would have bypassed the area."

"Even on the medical side of expenses, these people are on the road full-time, so they have to visit the dentist somewhere along the road."

Mr Barsby said the travellers would often check out some of the Fraser Coast's unique attractions, like the Mary Poppins-themed crossing lights and Heritage Precinct.

"It all adds up into the experience, and they go and tell their friends about it, and they then come visit," he said.

Maryborough's Gallipoli to Armistice memorial, described as one of the most significant memorials outside Canberra, has become the latest experience to turn heads.

Queens Park Military Trail Committee vice president Greig Bolderrow said he'd spoken to visitors through the week who had come from across the country to check out the new memorial.

"I've spoken to people visiting from South Australia, Victoria and NSW, and there's not been one negative comment about the memorial," Mr Bolderrow said.

"The people visiting the region in RVs are coming in groups to visit the memorial... up until we opened it, they would have been packing up and moving on."


"The thing is, we talk about stay an extra day, this memorial is encouraging that."