Ryanair flight grounded after bomb scare

A Ryanair flight to Manchester has been evacuated at an airport in Norway due to a suspected bomb hoax.

Passengers were ushered out of the aircraft at Rygge airport because of strange behaviour from two passengers, according to a local news website NRK.

Airport spokesman Anders Strømsæther explained that there was a quarrel between two foreign nationals near the toilet area and the word 'bomb' was mentioned.

Norway Today reports that the pair are a Brit and someone from Sri Lanka.

Another local journalist claims a bomb disposal unit is en route to the plane which is currently grounded at the airport near the Norwegian capital of Oslo.

The news follows the evacuation of Old Trafford stadium in Manchester after an "incredibly lifelike explosive" is believed to have been found in a toilet.

After the captain ordered the plane to be evacuated, the two people were reportedly arrested while the witness also spoke to police.