The joey that was rescued at Glenwood.
The joey that was rescued at Glenwood.

Sad story has happy ending as joey survives

IT'S A STORY that has become all too familiar to Natalie Richardson from Wildlife Rescue Fraser Coast.

But this one might have a happy ending.

A roo or wallaby gets struck by a car as its habitat continues to shrink and more vehicles hit the road every year.

Sometimes the animal will be a female with a little joey in its pouch.

Quite often the pouch isn't checked, or is checked too late for the tiny creature to survive. In this case though, the people who accidentally struck a wallaby at Glenwood on Monday about midnight did everything right.

They stopped and called the wildlife hotline and they checked the dead mother's pouch.

Inside was a little red-necked wallaby.

Despite a graze on its head, Ms Richardson said the wallaby had been sent to a specialised carer and was doing very well.

Not all animals survived the trauma, or being taken from their mum at a young age, but she said she was optimistic the joey would survive.