The ibis that had its neck snapped
The ibis that had its neck snapped "at a right angle” was put on display on the footpath. Contributed

'Sadistic' bird killers leave disturbing memorial for ibis

RESIDENTS believe "sadistic" killers snapped the neck of an ibis and put the dead bird on display in a Sunshine Coast street.

Amr Kehila was out walking with a group at Minyama on Saturday afternoon when he saw the dead bird laid out on the footpath, near the roundabout at Kensington Dr and Longwood St.

At first, Mr Kehila and the group thought the ibis had died of natural causes or been hit by a car.

Then they saw the bird's neck was "at a right angle", but it had no other obvious injuries.

"We realised it was more sadistic... there was more to it," Mr Kehila said.

"A wheelie bin was put next to it, then they'd erected a Christian cross for a grave."

The sign on the cross, made out of plastic, read Thoth, in reference to the Egyptian god that had an ibis head.

"It was in a prominent spot, right next to a roundabout on purpose," Mr Kehila said.

Mr Kehila believed whoever killed the bird and placed the props was "just looking for attention" and tagging along with the common thought that ibises were pests.

"It's no excuse for taking the life of something that didn't really do anything," he said.