Four safe places for people in outlying areas during fires

THE Queensland Fire and Rescue Service has identified four safe places in the Fraser Coast bushfire management plan that people in outlying areas may be directed to in times of disaster-level fires.

Called Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP), the locations were revealed in the Fraser Coast Regional Council Local Disaster Management Plan (LDMP) Bushfire Management Plan released this week.

"(NSPs) are specific locations identified by the QFRS where people may be directed but they are a place of last resort," the report stated.

The four locations were Bauple Community Recreation Grounds, Maaroom Sport/Recreational Reserve, Glenwood Community Sports/Recreation oval and Glenwood State School oval.

During bushfires, people in other parts of the region would be instructed by evacuation methods outlined in the LDMP.

The bushfire management plan said animals or pets were not welcome at NSPs; firefighters may not be present as they could be fighting a main fire front elsewhere; no meals would be provided; and protection from embers at NSPs was not guaranteed.

The plan stated: "The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) in association with Rural Fire Service Queensland (QFRS) is the lead agency" in times of fire, meaning the council follows its directives.

The bushfire plan also said what security measures would be taken in times of fire disaster.

It stated overt and covert patrols of areas would be required, along with "high profile activities" until the 11th hour.

"A public announcement that police are watching for this behaviour and that it will not be tolerated will have as much effect on reducing occurrences of theft or vandalism as overt police patrols".

The council could also be called to dedicate resources to firefighting.Visit for information.