AFTER about 20 years of sailing in the University Lake on Old Maryborough Rd, the Fraser Coast Radio Control Yacht Club have moved to a new location.

Since early July, president John Mackander said developers kindly agreed to let the sailing enthusiasts use the pristine lake at the new Springs Estate on Madsen Rd in Nikenbah.

He said it was a welcome move for the club, with the weed in the University Lake making conditions difficult for sailing.

"One of the members found out about this lake. We went through the process with the developers, showing our liability and insurance, and they were happy with that and said yes, we can sail there," Mr Mackander said.

"They are in the process of landscaping it as well so it will be a really nice area to sail." Mr Mackander, a sailing enthusiast for 10 years, said about 12 yachts set sail from the purpose-built launch ramp every Friday and Sunday, with many members enjoying a social atmosphere and a touch of friendly rivalry.

"We talk and muck around and it's great for friendship and being with your mates," he said.

"If you've got a problem with your boat, you can discuss it with everyone and they will help you. It's good fun!"

Friday from noon to 4pm is for social sailing, where anyone of any age is welcome to bring along a yacht of their choice. "If you have one (yacht) in your shed with a sail on it or a little motor, you're quite welcome to come along," Mr Mackander said.

"We try to make it as social as we can on a Friday."

Sunday from noon to 4pm is when all the racing action takes place with the more experienced members racing one-metre yachts only.

"On Sunday's, if you want to get serious, you can - bring along a one-metre and race. There's a lot of banter between each other and it's really good fun."

If you're keen to give it a go, prices for the yachts range from about $500 to the more competitive style boats for $5000.

"We always say to buy the cheapest one you can first so, if you don't enjoy it, you can always sell it and get your money back. Start off little and cheap and work your way up," Mr Mackander said.

Phone 0432 151 143 with inquiries.