Is this the next thing in tablet technology? Photo courtesy:
Is this the next thing in tablet technology? Photo courtesy:

Samsung patents foldable tablet

JUST when you thought tablets couldn't get more convenient, Samsung goes and patents a fold-able one!

According to, Samsung has got the ideas on paper for a tablet which literally folds in half like a book. And that's just the beginning.

The new patent also describes how a user could enter different modes when unlocking it. For example - when you touch a certain part of the screen the camera app will appear, and another part of the screen will boot up your internet homepage.

It's proposed to have a screen similar to the Samsung Galaxy Edge, so you could customise shortcuts on the sides of the device too.

Sounds pretty nifty. But who knows when we will see it hit store shelves - this patent was actually submitted in 2015 and another similar one in 2013 when they revealed a folding phone-to-tablet prototype, but we're yet to see that become a reality.

Still, it's an exciting prospect.

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