LEFT HIS MARK: Greg Schmidt.
LEFT HIS MARK: Greg Schmidt. Alistair Brightman

Schmidt not writing himself off in ballot count

WITH hundreds of hours of campaigning out of the way, Greg Schmidt is looking forward to a relaxed dinner with his partner tonight to mark the end of the by-election.

The mayoral candidate now has no other choice but to "trust the fate in the box" as the final ballot count starts today.

For Mr Schmidt, who is running in his second local government election in two years, said he's confident he has left his mark on this campaign, just like the last.

"I'm not writing myself off, but I believe I'm in the middle of the field," Mr Schmidt said.

Despite not finding much success in 2016, Mr Schmidt said his biggest achievement was being an "unseen provocation" to other candidates.

And he's confident he's achieved it again this year.

His "Rates Down" slogan has been the hallmark of his campaign, one he says is enough to bring about change on the Fraser Coast.

"These last two weeks have been a mental challenge, so I'm looking to relax," Mr Schmidt said.

"But it's been fairly well-behaved compared to the last one.

"Looking back, this is an opportunity for the Fraser Coast to move forward and save a bit of money."