Maryborough State High School Principal Simon Done. Photo: Alistair Brightman
Maryborough State High School Principal Simon Done. Photo: Alistair Brightman

Why Coast school has been named among best in nation

MARYBOROUGH STATE HIGH SCHOOL has been listed as one of the most innovative schools in Australia, according to the Educator Australia magazine.

Principal Simon Done credited the school's inclusion in the list to "the hard work and dedication of the staff of Maryborough State High towards our students". 

Mr Done said when the 2020 school year became challenging, the high school shone while delivering quality education.

"The school's central philosophy of valuing, developing and empowering every student is something we hold central to the school and to our students," he said

"The school prides itself with meeting students where they start and making them better than when they walked through the door."

The list recognises schools which share an innovative and exceptional approach in education, recognising programs which help improve the educational outcomes and well-being of Australia's young people.

The recognition of the Maryborough school also highlights their sports academies, innovative approach towards direct entry to university studies and other programs which set the high school apart as one of the nation's innovative schools.

The school has also been recognised due to its approach of providing a multitude of educational opportunities for all students, regardless of ability, access or level of achievement.

This recent announcement comes after two teachers from the school were named among the best in the state.

Mr Done also said the school was also looking forward to the announcement of the Australian Education Awards on Wednesday November 26 where the school is a finalist in six categories, including Government School and Regional School of the Year.

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