Photo: Cherish My Pix
Photo: Cherish My Pix

ScoMo wont stop this Extreme Cowboy

THERE is no rule from Scott Morrison to say that a man can't jump on the back of his horse on his own land.

That's something that Tiaro resident James Scott is thankful for in these times of uncertainty and mounting pressure on the government to move Australia into full lockdown due to COVID-19 fears.

Mr Scott is the events coordinator of the newly formed Southern Cross Xtreme Cowboy Racing Club, which was one of very few sports that was still able to hold a championship event in Hervey Bay at the weekend.

"It was a good thing to still be able to go and get out and have a bit of fun with your mate," Mr Scott said.

The passionate horseman grew up with horses and would often saddle up at his Grandfathers riding school.

He tried pony club in his younger days but says the Southern Cross Xtreme Cowboy Racing Club suits him perfectly because of its focus on horsemanship.

"It's across all disciplines so it ticked a fair few boxes for me.

"You get judged on your horsemanship so it's still good to be able to compete . you see where your hard work and it pays off.

"We're having a ball with it."

With 20 acres to roam on at home, Mr Scott will take full advantage of having his five horses at home in the backyard, should residents be forced to stay at home.

He said many fellow enthusiasts love their horses for the therapy aspect.

"You still get to go for a ride and feel the breeze run through your hair.

"You're not relying on grounds where other people are and you get to still do want you want to do … there's no written rules to go for a ride.

"There's a few people in the club that actually use horses as therapy and I'm pretty sure we could all be accused of that somewhere along the line.

"If you have a bad day you can get on, go for a ride and feel free.

"For the right person, they are just as much as a therapy animal as dogs and cats, just bigger."

For the club's next event or for more information, visit the Southern Cross Xtreme Cowboy Racing Club Facebook page.