RIGHT: Scotch College, HPVs.
RIGHT: Scotch College, HPVs. Contributed

Scotch College Adelaide race in 2019 Tech Challenge race

HUMAN POWERED VEHICLES: The Tech Challenge will host schools from as far away as South Australia in this year's event.

Scotch College Adelaide is travelling to Maryborough to compete in the 24-hour Tech Challenge.

Scotch College Adelaide has been involved in HPV racing in South Australia, since its inception in a university car park 35 years ago.

Since then our program has always fostered the development of students through the physical, mental and engineering challenges HPV racing provides.

2019 marks the centenary of our college and the challenge was given to push our programs to be something new.

So this year Scotch is embarking on, not only the challenge of travelling all the way to Queensland, but of course, all the challenges a 24-hour race poses as well.

The squad has been training hard and is really looking forward to meeting all the locals and sharing the camaraderie that is a huge part of HPV racing.