SECOND MAYOR: John Eaton. contributed

Searching for Ison family stories

A CONVICT transported to Australia in 1794 was the mother of Maryborough's second mayor, John Eaton.

John was the son of Jane Ison.

Jane Ison's descendant, Deborah Brand, is a member of the Jane Ison Family History Group that has over the last few years been publishing a newsletter call the Surprize and has worked diligently on researching the family history.

"This is a continuation of the fine work started back in the 1990s by other family members in NSW,” she said.

"John Eaton, the son of the convict Jane Ison, was a significant citizen of the Maryborough district and we know there are many of his descendants still residing in this area, from Brooweena to Hervey Bay and Bauple as well as Maryborough.”

The group will be holding its The Descendants of Jane Ison, William Bryant and William Eaton Reunion at Pine River Park, 125 Gympie Rd, Strathpine, on Sunday, October 1, from 10am-5pm.

"We are hoping many more people will attend and be able to further contribute to our data base and interesting stories.”

Jane Ison was a convict transported to Port Jackson, Sydney in October 1794 on HMS Surprize as part of the second fleet.

She married twice and her second husband William Eaton was the father of John Eaton who became Maryborough's second mayor in 1861.

Jane Ison had seven children.

John and his family had travelled overland from the Hawkesbury area to settle in south east Queensland where he became a pioneer of the sugar industry at Copenhagen Bend on the Mary River, built the home Rosehill in Tinana and developed an expansive grazing empire in the 1800s to 1900s.

These included Tiaro station and Yeroomba.

Many of the Eaton family properties such as Teebar and Malagara still exist today.

John and his wife Mary Anne, nee Onus, had one son and 10 daughters.

Sadly the son was not survived by any offspring and so his line of the Eaton family name did not survive.

Two books, The Descendants of Jane Ison 1794-1994 and The Story of Jane Ison 1770-1823 will be released at the family reunion in October.

For more information about the reunion Phone Lorraine Turnball on 3384 1379 or 417 710 844 for further information about the reunion or group or email or Meg Naylor 0438 436 870.