Secret sex game with nephew exposed in M'boro court

AN INNOCENT drawing has exposed a "secret game" of sexual abuse between a boy and his uncle.

The terms of the game were revealed in Maryborough District Court when the young boy's grandmother took the stand.

She told the court how the boy had proudly shown her a drawing he did while completing a grieving course for children after his father died.

He was seven at the time.

The picture was an outline of the boy drawn on butcher's paper.

During the exercise, the children in the course were asked to draw their feelings inside the outline of their body.

The boy's grandmother was shocked when she saw a penis drawn in black texta, with the word "sad" written next to it.

She asked her grandson why he drew that picture and the boy looked down, unable to answer.

Later that day, the grandmother brought up his bed-wetting and told him that sometimes when she checked him at night, he was asleep with his genitals out.

It was then that the sinister game between the boy and his uncle was revealed.

The boy said he played a "special game" with his uncle, but it was a secret and she couldn't tell anyone.

The court heard how the 22-year-old man taught his nephew how to masturbate him using a clear lubricant.

He also licked the boy's penis.

During a police interview the boy described his uncle's genitals and the colour and texture of the man's semen.

Judge Deborah Richards said the man showed no remorse for his actions which she described as abhorrent.

She said the abuse would likely affect the boy in the future.

"As time progresses he will realise the enormity of what's happened," Ms Richards said.

"I'm told that you were also sexually abused as a child, unfortunately that's not an unusual occurrence in cases like this.

"This offending was against a very young child who trusted you implicitly and he loved you.

"You were in a significant position of trust and you abused that trust."

The man, now 24, was found guilty on Monday, May 27 of four counts of indecent treatment of a child younger than 12 under care.

He was convicted and sentenced to two years in jail and will be eligible for parole on May 23, 2020.