Camera club competition winners Jennie Nicholls, John Wodhams and Diana Green.
Camera club competition winners Jennie Nicholls, John Wodhams and Diana Green. Ken Priddy

Camera club members get together to see what develops

WHEN you take a photograph you think might be a prize winner, and then you find out it really is, it does something to your confidence.

John Wodhams, Jennie Nicholls and Diana Green are all members of the 60s & Better Camera Group and they scooped the pool at the Cooloola Coast Ambulance Flower Show held last month.

John won first place in the Single Flower and first place in the Multiple Flowers categories and Overall Champion of the Photography Section and said it gave him a real boost.

"I needed something to do and was 'coerced' into joining the camera group and I've been a member for three years and really enjoy it," he said.

"Winning a competition gives you a great big surge and I love to share it with the other members in the group.

"It's a great group and we try to help each other out.

"We're all amateurs which is the best part.

"It's also good to have something positive to talk about."

Jennie Nicholls joined the group three years ago to learn how to use her camera properly and said she's since found out how to do different things with a camera.

"I take photos of birds, animals and flowers and my favourite photo is one I took of an eagle at Gatakers Bay," she said.

"I've never won a competition for anything before and I am over the moon winning second place in the Multiple Flowers category.

"I was very proud to put an entry in and I know what sort of photos they want now," she said.

"It's given me a great boost of confidence to try harder when I take photos."

Ten years ago Diana Green joined the camera group to learn how to get the best use out of a digital camera.

She captured the essence of her chosen subject and won first place in the Shrubs and Trees category.

"I try to take good photos and I'm extremely pleased with winning. It's given me a boost also," Diana said.

"When everyone takes a photo of the same thing in the same place, you always manage to see it in a completely different way," she said.

If anyone wants to know anything about their camera, the camera group is the place to go to.

The group holds tutorials to help members use different camera settings and then they can put everything they learn into practice on the field trips.