PAST GRADUATES: Brandan Nagel (2010), James Taylor (1999) and Blake Nagel (2011) who all work in residential care.
PAST GRADUATES: Brandan Nagel (2010), James Taylor (1999) and Blake Nagel (2011) who all work in residential care. Alistair Brightman

'Seize the day': Carinity graduate prospers

JAMES Taylor didn't even last one day at his Maryborough high school before he jumped the fence and left.

This was only a short time after dropping out of Year 10 at a school in Hervey Bay.

"I was in the care of child safety and I just couldn't face starting again,” he told the Chronicle at the Carinity Education Glendyne's 20th birthday celebrations.

In 1999 James was living in residential care and started going to school at Nikenbah's Carinity.

"I was overwhelmed with school and behind the eight ball at school and had some behavioural issues I guess with everything that was going on in my life,” he said.

"I found there were other people at Carinity who were dealing with the same issues I was. They might have come from a lower socio-economic background or had past trauma but there was no judgement here.”

Although James moved to the Gold Coast to graduate from school there, he credits his time as Carinity with providing him with confidence.

"Looking back when I was in grade three I was diagnosed with ADHD and I would never have imagined myself about to graduate a university degree,” he said. "The catalyst for that really began at Carinity.”

Moving back to the region in 2012, James has spent the past four years completing a bachelor degree in teaching from the University of the Sunshine Coast.

"I currently work with people in residential care and I would love to work as a teacher in the region,” he said.

"If I had a message, not to be cliche, but it would be don't give up. Life is tumultuous. My story isn't any worse or better's than anyone else's it is just unique. Grab the opportunities in front of you and seize the day. I now have a beautiful family and an 18-month old daughter, which I would never have dreamed of (when I was) growing up.”