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Selena Gomez slams toxic social media

SELENA Gomez thinks social media is "so toxic."

The 22-year-old singer, who previously lashed out at an Instagram user for suggesting she needed to go the gym more and stop eating junk food, claims she is glad there are "awful pictures" of her online, but admits she isn't immune to comparing herself to other women.

She said: "I get it, the power of social media. I do it all the time: 'Why do I look the way I do and not like the girl I see on the Internet?' To be honest, I think it's so toxic. Don't get me wrong - I like feeling beautiful and sexy, but not if it becomes my all-day life. I'm glad there are awful pictures of me online!"

The brunette beauty thinks being a role model is "the best gift" and tries to show her fans that she is still a normal girl.

She said: "I keep going, [I try to] show them that I will never let anybody tell me I'm not good enough. I do everything based on what I believe in. That's all I can do, really. But I'm not perfect; I try to be that for young girls, but I don't always succeed.

"I am not the best, but I hope people say, 'She works hard, she loves her fans.' Some girls look up to people who don't have the best intentions."

Selena also tries to be support as many of her female peers as possible because she thinks the music industry is "very competitive."

She told America's OK! magazine: "The only response I have is to support people. Kill people with kindness but don't worry about the others."