Greens leader Christine Milne
Greens leader Christine Milne Contributed

Senate rejects bill to axe Clean Energy Finance Corporation

THE Abbott Government has failed in his bid to dismantle the Clean Energy Finance Corporation after legislation which would have spelled its end failed to pass in the The Senate. 

Greens leader Christine Milne said her party was not afraid of a double dissolution election over renewable energy.

"It's time for Mr Abbott to give up. The CEFC is an excellent institution that should stay" 

"The CEFC is creating jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency, reducing Australia's pollution and returning money to the budget. What's not to like?

"The Abbott government has admitted the CEFC is profitable, but they're so driven by ideology that they want to wipe their hands of it and sell it off. It's just further proof that there is no budget emergency.

"Tony Abbott is a 'crash or crash through' Prime Minister, and he's set to crash over these attempts to undo Australia's action on global warming and undermine our core values with his brutal budget.

"It's now more clear than ever that this Prime Minister does not have the skills to negotiate with the cross bench in the Senate, so you can expect that huge parts of his agenda will be blocked.