Seniors can get active and meet new friends at U3A

U3A is a community organisation that aims to assist senior citizens keep their minds and bodies active. Most members are semi-retired.

As we wind down our participation in the paid workforce, and given that the children have flown the coop, the demands of everyday life may not be enough to keep us fully occupied or intellectually challenged.

The brain is like any other muscle - use it or lose it - without exercise, it will atrophy.

U3A arranges for tutors to run courses for its members on a voluntary basis.

These courses carry no formal accreditation, but neither do you need any particular educational standard or qualification to attend.

Just pay your once a year membership fee, and attend as many (or as few) courses as you wish.

As well as the mentally stimulating benefits, joining a U3A class will bring great social benefits.

In addition, we highly value anyone willing to run a new course.

If you wish to become a member, a tutor (or course facilitator), or both, phone Lyn Quince 4125 6965 or email and we will get back to you.