Left without an internet connection, Hervey Bay’s John Parsons was told ONEseniors broadband service provider was in liquidation.
Left without an internet connection, Hervey Bay’s John Parsons was told ONEseniors broadband service provider was in liquidation. Valerie Horton

Administrators find buyer for ONESeniors

UPDATE: Administrators have struck a deal with a new purchaser of the over 55s telephone and land line service, ONESeniors.

Administrator Ferrier Hodgson had been working to find a new purchaser and a spokeswoman said a deal had been secured but details have not yet been revealed.

It was hoped services to customers would be restored quickly, but exact details couldn't be provided.

If you were affected by ONESeniors sudden demise, phone journalist Tyson Yates on 4120 1062 or email tyson.yates@frasercoastchronicle.com.au.

EARLIER: Seniors across the Fraser Coast have been suddenly disconnected as mobile, phone and internet provider, ONEseniors, went offline.

Since Friday, ONEseniors, a company that provides exclusively to those aged over 55, has been unable to connect many of its customers due to problems it claims have to do with its suppliers failing to provide services.

According to the company website, ONEseniors has gone into administration as they attempt to resolve the issue.

"Our supplier had their services suspended which affected the services supplied to ONEseniors. This was done without notice," the website states.

"Not all services have been affected, in part due to our supply arrangement with another company."

Attempts were made to contact the company on Tuesday, but the Chronicle was unable to get a response.

Seniors such as Hervey Bay's John Parsons have found themselves without internet connection and are finding it increasingly difficult to get answers.

"At first I thought it was a connection dropout so I didn't take too much notice.

"Then I rang up and they just said they were incurring difficulties and the internet will be back on shortly.

"I then phoned up on Monday and they told me they're in liquidation and they're attempting to sort that out."

Mr Parsons, who works as a volunteer environmentalist for Environmental Health and Protection said it was costing him more than just his patience.

"It's costing me money now in phone calls," he said.

"I do a lot of work with council and government departments and if I can't email I have to ring on mobiles and most of the calls are 40 to 50 cents per minute."

It is unclear how long the problem will last as Fraser Coast Chronicle was unable to contact the company.

But Mr Parsons says he feels seniors are less of a priority for the company.

"Because we're all oldies over 55, maybe they're of the opinion we do nothing but play cards with other people and so it's not really necessary to worry about putting it back on?"