A public sex pest told cops he'd done 'nothing wrong'.
A public sex pest told cops he'd done 'nothing wrong'. NewsRegional

Serial public masturbator ran backwards with hands in pants

A GRUBBY serial flasher jailed for violence and sex offences has complained his punishment is too harsh.

Trevor Roy Wells directed his lecherous attention to young and elderly women unknown to him.

The former Wamuran man, 62, previously flashed a Gympie woman and was sentenced to one year's jail in 2013.

And in June at Hervey Bay District Court, he was jailed for 30 months.

Queensland Court of Appeal heard women aged 19 and 71 were among his victims.

Justice Hugh Fraser said one event involved Wells creeping up on a senior citizen eating an ice cream.

Wells made a "lewd suggestion" and grabbed the woman's shirt through an open car window.

Justice Fraser said Wells then "put his hands in his pants and made vigorous shaking movements".

The woman yelled.

Wells then "ran backwards with his hands still in his pants continuing the motion of masturbation".

The court heard Wells later told police he thought he'd done nothing wrong.

Just seven months before that, Wells pestered a teenage shop worker and asked other staff members about her.

On a return visit, he put his hands on her lower hips, pulling the 19-year-old towards him.

Justice Fraser said Wells then began masturbating as he watched the young woman.

Another employee approached and Wells stopped.

On Wednesday, Wells told the appeal court he entered very early pleas to the latest offences, which also included assault.

"I believe the comparable cases used in sentencing were far more serious."

Wells said he started seeing a psychologist and believed this kind of mental help was his only hope of rehabilitation.

The prisoner said he should be released on parole next month, not merely eligible for parole then.

And Wells claimed the fickle nature of some prison rehab courses meant he might not get parole until his two and a half year sentence ended.

Justice Fraser said Wells committed "brazen" offences while on bail and had an extensive criminal history.

The appeal court judges unanimously agreed the sentence was not manifestly excessive, and the appeal was tossed out. -NewsRegional