Dan and Steph's barista places fourth in national contest

OPINION: Everyone loves a good cuppa every day - and coffee has come a long way over the years.

There's even people out there that can be called "coffee snobs" where that person constantly wants a consistent coffee with great crema, beautifully smooth, full of flavour and a little acidic.

There is just nothing better to kick start your morning.

Dan and our experienced barista Hayley from Eat at Dan and Steph's just came back from the Melbourne International Coffee Expo.

There were a few reasons for heading to Melbourne and the expo itself.

Eat at Dan and Steph's barista Hayley Hinchliff came fourth at a coffee-making competition in Melbourne.
Eat at Dan and Steph's barista Hayley Hinchliff came fourth at a coffee-making competition in Melbourne. Brendan Bufi

Secondly, to visit many boutique cafes and eateries around Melbourne.

Thirdly, Hayley took part in the Dallacort One Shot One Pour Latte Art Competition.

Hayley was one of 32 selected out of hundreds of entrants from experienced baristas from across Australia and the world in line for the title.

We are so proud to announce that Hayley came fourth.

It's a huge accomplishment and we are so thrilled to have her at Eat.

There is definitely some hidden young talent here on the Fraser Coast.

We are happy to support someone else's dreams and passion.

Hayley will no doubt be focusing on being number 1 next year.

By heading to the coffee expo, we have realised that we are on par with the city folk and what they do with coffee.

At Eat, we use Tim Adams Specialty Coffee.

Tim Adams is based in Caloundra on the Sunny Coast.

He roasts his own coffee beans that he selects from around the world, creates his own blend and also has an espresso bar called Lamkin Lane.

Tim is actually a local Hervey Bay boy. We all went to school together at Urangan High.

Tim is one of the most passionate people we know when talking coffee. He is like a coffee connoisseur. He can taste certain flavours in coffee and the balance of acidity, it's very interesting and we have learnt so much from him.

To create that perfect cup of coffee, there is a lot of work that goes into it.

From choosing the beans, roasting them to perfection, freshly grinding the beans and tampering properly prior to extracting, choosing a great machine, choosing the right milk to use that complements the flavour of the coffee bean, heating the milk correctly and for the right amount of time to create the right texture and crema, pouring the milk consistently into the freshly brewed coffee without splitting it, then creating a beautiful design to top it all off.

At Eat we consistently achieve these results in every cup. We are passionate not only about food but also about our coffee.

Over the past five weeks, we have had a new apparatus at Eat, it looks like something from a science room, it's actually for our Cold Press Coffee.

In the top of it we place ice, the middle is freshly ground coarse coffee beans and then at the bottom is where it drips in to.

As the ice melts it slowly filters through the coffee - as this process takes around 12 hours to create 2L of cold press coffee, the end result is all worth it. Cold press coffee is less acidic and very smooth compared to a fresh shot of coffee from the machine.

At Eat we have created our very own house blend cold press coffee that is now available. It is brewed cold press coffee mixed with Cooloola Milk, a little bit of sugar syrup and a whole lot of love - all bottled up and capped for your freshness.

We will keep you up-to-date with what's new in coffee. We will be changing our coffee blends seasonally, just like our menu.