Seiji Yamamoto, from Nihonryori RyuGin in Tokyo.
Seiji Yamamoto, from Nihonryori RyuGin in Tokyo. Contributed

Serving up the world's best dinner

IT might have a $750 price tag, but for the culinary elite the experience is priceless.

The Best Dinner in the World is being billed as the climax of next year's Noosa Food and Wine Festival.

Seven chefs from Australia, Toyko, China, London, Hong Kong and Italy will descend on Berardo's Restaurant in May to cook up an intimate feast.

The line-up includes Davide Scabin, Italy's famed "hyper creative molecular gastronomer" from restaurant Combal.Zero.

He is described by those in the industry as a "genius" and "food artist".

Mr Berardo said nowhere else in the world could you dine in such an personal environment.

"Most of these chefs normally work in large teams," he said.

"One of the chefs has 38 assistant chefs when he is on service.

"At Berardo's the kitchen is quite small so the masterminds all interact and help each other.

"Last year's Best Dinner in the World chefs also came into the dining area and presented their desserts."

Mr Berardo said the price was reasonable considering the airfares, accommodation and time diners would have to spend in seeking each of the chefs out in their home towns.

"More than a year and half of effort goes into creating this unique experience," he said.

The Noosa Food and Wine Festival will be held on May 17 to 20.



  • MARK BEST- three hatted chef and owner of Sydney's Marque Restaurant
  • FERGUS HENDERSON- leader of the "nose to tail" dining movement and owner of London's St John Bar and Restaurant
  • ALVIN LEUNG- China's "demon chef", leader of Extreme Chinese Cuisine; behind Bo Innovation restaurant in Hong Kong
  • DAVIDE SCABIN- Italy's famed hyper creative molecular gastronomer from restaurant Combal.Zero in Turin
  • BEN SHEWRY- Australia's hottest foraging chef from The Age Good Food Guide's Restaurant of the Year, Melbourne's Attica
  • DAVID THOMPSON- the world's most comprehensive authority on Thai food; from London's Nahm Restaurant
  • SEIJI YAMAMOTO- chef pushing the boundaries of Japanese cuisine, from Nihonryori RyuGin in Tokyo