Storm clean up - Clean up began in the early hours on Scarness Esplanade. Photo: Valerie Horton / Fraser Coast Chronicle
Storm clean up - Clean up began in the early hours on Scarness Esplanade. Photo: Valerie Horton / Fraser Coast Chronicle Valerie Horton

UPDATE: River levels may rise again in Howard: BOM

UPDATE 11.09AM: WHILE River levels have fallen below the minor flood level at Howard as of Monday morning, more heavy rainfall is likely to reach the catchment areas during Monday afternoon and Tuesday.

The Burrum River water levels have begun to fall at the town of Howard, following a peak of 4.96 metres on Sunday afternoon.

 However, the Bureau of Meteorology has warned renewed rises were possible during the week with heavy rainfall of more than 100mm expected.

BOM meteorologist Adam Blazak said the Fraser Coast and northern areas were expected to get hit with more thunderstorms this afternoon.

"We're forecasting more thunderstorms which will be slow moving and have the potential to bring more locally heavy showers," Mr Blazak said.

"Having a look at what we saw yesterday in that northern Wide Bay Coast, you got 110mm in some catchments.

"So we could see falls like that again today, and obviously that could affect those river levels."

Both the Cherwell-Burrum and the Mary River remain on flood watch.

UPDATE 2.13PM:  MINOR flood levels are likely at Howard on the Burrum River during Sunday afternoon.

The Bureau of Meteorology said rainfall totals of 40-70mm were recorded across the Burrum River catchment in the 24 hours to 9am Sunday from showers and storms.

Further rainfall up to about 40mm has been recorded across parts of the catchment in the three hours to midday Sunday.

Further locally heavy rainfall is likely during Sunday and the next few days.

Dam levels at Lenthalls Dam are nearing an initial peak early Sunday afternoon.

Downstream, river levels are rising at Howard.

Remember: If it's flooded, forget it.

The next warning is due to be issued by 9:00 pm AEST on Sunday 31 January 2016.

UPDATE 1.10PM: THE Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed river catchments including the Mary, Kolan, Burnett and Cherwell-Burrum are now on flood watch.

Fraser Coast Regional Council disaster planning coordinator Mal Churchill said he and his team were watching the water levels closely, but flash flooding was more of a concern for residents at the current time.

"Any creek has the potential of flooding," Mr Churchill said.

"People living in areas subject to flash flooding should keep an eye out and be vigilant."

Mr Churchill said the gates of Lenthalls Dam had been opened after the two days of heavy rain.

UPDATE 11.30PM: THE Bureau of Meteorology has issued yet another severe thunderstorm warning for the Fraser Coast, as a week of wild weather continues.

Damaging winds and heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding are again expected to hit the region in the next two to three hours.

BOM Meteorologist Mark Trenorden said the severe weather was far from over for the Fraser Coast.

"The weather pattern isn't changing too much," Mark said.

"The warm, humid air mass is bringing on these heavy showers and thunderstorms."

The next  BOM warning is due to be issued by 1:45 pm.

UPDATE 8.55PM: THE main road linking the Fraser Coast to Biggenden has been cut due to flash flooding.

Water has covered Maryborough-Biggenden Road near the town of Bumpa.

Ergon continues to return power to thousands of homes around the region.

UPDATE 7.30PM: ERGON energy is working to restore power to almost 5000 Fraser Coast homes as Saturday's severe thunderstorm activity rolls across the southern end of the state.

Reports on social media from areas already affected by the storm's heavy rain and damaging winds show more than 120mm of rain were received in some areas including Boompa, Brooweena and Tinana, as worries turn to flash flooding.

A Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said the weather conditions had been perfect for bringing heavy rain.

"This is what we're now seeing across the state," the spokesman said.

It is unknown when the power will be restored to affected homes.

The storm continues to head in a south-easterly direction towards Hervey Bay.

UPDATE 6.15PM: PARTS of the Fraser Coast have been hit again by severe thunderstorm weather, as the new cell makes it way across the region.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe thunderstorm warning at 6.06pm on Saturday, warning people living on the Fraser Coast to prepare for damaging winds and heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding.

Western townships on the Fraser Coast including Brooweena and Boompa have already been affected by heavy rain, damaging winds and frequent lightning this evening.

The thunderstorm is expected to continue moving east towards the coast.

The next expected BOM thunderstorm warning will be released at 9.10pm.

UPDATE 2.30PM: THE region's disaster coordinator has warned the clean-up following Friday night's storm which hit the Fraser Coast could take days.

Emergency crews have been out across the region removing debris from roads and footpaths.

Fraser Coast Regional Council disaster planning coordinator Mal Churchill warned it would not happen quickly.

"There is a lot of clean-up that needs to be done and that would take some time," he said.

"There is certainly a lot of environmental damage done and there are cars damaged by rubbish or branches falling."

Council crews have been spotted on Charlton Esplanade in Scarness and Torquay removing branches and putting debris through a wood chipper.

But Mr Churchill warned their efforts were often hampered by people coming to take a look at the damage.

"The rubber-neckers become a problem and interfere without operations," he said.

"If you want to go and sticky beak then why don't you go and offer to help."

Mr Churchill said council were also prepared if predicted storms hit the region.

"It's now a wait and see game," he said.

The Bureau of Meteorology had predicted storms would hit the region at midday.

A storm warning has been issued to the north west of the Fraser Coast.

The predicted storm is likely to hit Emerald, Biloela, Blackwater, Baralaba and Springsure.

UPDATE 12pm: STATE Emergency Services have received 28 calls for assistance on the Fraser Coast since the storms hit the area on Friday evening.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokeswoman said of those requests, 11 have been completed.

She said there was only one report of a building losing its roof - a business on Main St in Pialba which lost its tin roof and knocked down powerlines.

The spokeswoman said a majority of the call outs were either for leaky roofs or helping remove general debris.

"It's great for people to help themselves before they call for help," she said.

She urged residents to also check on neighbours, particularly if they were elderly or disabled.

For SES assistance call 132 500.

UPDATE 11am: DISASTER management crews are urging people to stay away from Charlton Esplanade while crews clean up the damage from Friday night's fatal storm.

Fraser Coast mayor Gerard O'Connell was assisting with clean-up at Scarness Beach Front Caravan Park on Saturday morning.

The caravan park was where a 68-year-old Narangba man died after being struck by a tree.

Cr O'Connell expressed his condolences to the family who returned to Narangba on Saturday morning.

The park has closed and holidaymakers at the tourist spot are being moved to Pialba caravan park.

Cr O'Connell urged sightseers to stay away from the area.

"The thing is that we are cleaning up and if you don't need to be on the Esplanade please stay away," he said.

Cr O'Connell said council had crews working through the night cleaning the area.

A large number of branches and trees were down along the Charlton Esplanade with the worst hit areas in Scarness and Torquay.

Crews were working in Scarness Park to remove the huge amount of tree debris left by the storm.

Storms are predicted to hit the Fraser Coast about midday.

UPDATE 9.20am: THE Bureau of Meteorology said more storms were expected to reach the Fraser Coast at about midday on Saturday, potentially causing flash flooding.

As the region continues to clean up from Friday night's severe storm, meteorologist Adam Blazak said the weekend's wild weather was not over.

"Today and tomorrow there is still protentiall for thunderstorms  in the area; with that high humidity, some could drop locally," Mr Blazak said.

"This could include heavy falls which may lead to flash flooding."

On Friday night, the town of Tiaro received 166mm of rain in about an hour.

Thunderstorm activity is expected on the Fraser Coast throughout Saturday and Sunday.

EARLIER: SES crews are working to remove trees from Hervey Bay's Charlton Esplanade in Pt Vernon and Scarness.

Fraser Coast SES group controller Bob Biram said motorists should avoid these areas.

He said it was not known at this time when the trees would be cleared.

"It's just a matter of getting in there and working until it's cleared," Mr Biram said.

"Right now we're getting people up (to Point Vernon) to help the council out."

Mr Biram said roofs ripped off houses, fallen trees and branches, and flooded gutters had made up the majority of the SES' work on Saturday morning.

"The worst (job) was to do with Main St, the roofing came off a large property."

He said only three small jobs had been reported in Maryborough so far.

While there may be less clean-up needed for the Heritage City, more than 800 homes remain without power in the Maryboorugh area.

It is not known what time the power is expected to return to these homes.