Andergrove man films two large pythons having sex in his shed

SEX TAPE: Amorous pair busted in man’s shed

WHEN Steve Farmer heard a noise from his backyard, the last thing he expected to walk in on was a pair romping in his shed.

"They were having a great time until I turned the light on," he laughed.

It was Friday night and the Andergrove resident was relaxing, enjoying a cold beer after a hard day's work when he heard a container drop to the ground in his shed.

"The dogs went off," he said.


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"It was enough for me to go … something's not right, especially for a Friday."

Initially he wondered if someone was creeping around his yard - he walked to his shed.

"I opened the screen door and turned the light on to two very amorous snakes," he said, adding the two pythons were twisting and turning, "having a lovely dance".

"I must admit it freaked me out a little bit until I figured out what was going on."

It's not the first time Mr Farmer has found snake in his yard, last year he spotted a large python resting after eating what looked like a big snack.

"It had a large lump from having just fed," he said, adding his Barnfield Dr property had a lot of trees at the back.

But it's the first time he's spotted a pair of frisky serpents getting it on.

"They were in a real dance … he was wooing her or vice versa," he said.


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Once the snakes spotted him, Mr Farmer said the larger python, possibly the male, legged it while the smaller snake was happy to stick around and watch him for a bit.

He laughed that he had earlier spent part of the afternoon working in his shed.

"It was one of those holy sh*t moments, and then I had to go to sleep," he laughed.

"I don't have a problem with snakes, especially pythons, but I'm lying there (in bed) thinking there's two snakes out in my shed."