SHARK IN TOWN: Shark Tank's Steve Baxter is coming to the Fraser Coast in November.
SHARK IN TOWN: Shark Tank's Steve Baxter is coming to the Fraser Coast in November.

WHAT'S ON: Shark is in the Hervey Bay cage

THERE'S a famous shark coming to Hervey Bay and he's on the hunt for young entrepreneurs who are ready to take on the world.

Steve Baxter, newly appointed Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, is perhaps best known for his role on Channel 10's Shark Tank.

The event, on November 2, will be hosted by Berwin, a not-for-profit organisation made up of local business leaders who dedicate their time to help build and develop the Fraser Coast community.

The multi-millionaire tech expert's key aim is to show how it is possible for young entrepreneurs to flourish, no matter where they live.

Having grown up in Cloncurry and Emerald, he's no stranger to regional Queensland.

"It's pretty hard to build a successful business no matter where you are (and) it's potentially harder in regional areas," Mr Baxter told the Chronicle.

"There's the sort of business which we call high growth global potential which can grow fast around the world and the way you do that is through the internet."


At 23, Mr Baxter put his life savings of $11,000 on the line launching his first start-up business, internet provider SE Net.

Despite dropping out of school at age 15, he thinks he was just lucky and doesn't encourage keen young fans to follow suit.

"If I were to give people advice I would say stay at school and get the most education you can in an area you enjoy," he said.

"If you know the business you want to get involved in, direct your studies to that."

Steve Baxter will speak at the Oceans Resort and Spa from 12.30-2pm. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased at www.frasercoasttickets.