A recent shark net protest.
A recent shark net protest.

Shark net 'myth' has been 'well and truly busted'

A NORTH Coast marine conservationist who has been campaigning to remove shark nets and drum lines for seven years has welcomed the recommendations of a Senate inquiry into shark mitigation measures.

The inquiry's report was released yesterday, and recommended that shark nets should be phased out.

It also recommended the "immediate" replacement of lethal drum lines with smart drum lines.

Skipper of marine conservation yacht Migaloo 2, Dean Jefferys, said he was "very relieved by these findings".

"When implemented, the recommendations will mean that thousands of marine creatures, many of them endangered, will not drown in these ineffective shark nets," he said.

"It also means that more effective non lethal shark control measures will be put in place, making the oceans safer for everyone rather than people mistakenly thinking these short, shallow nets provide protection.

"I'm glad this myth has finally been well and truly busted by deep inquiry at the top level.

"Now it is up to government to implement these recommendations and put in place real processes that will make people safer and at the same time ensure marine lives are protected."

Mr Jefferys said there were effective non lethal alternatives to shark nets, such as drone surveillance, tagging, smart bouys, Shark Shields, shark barriers, spotters, and shark smart awareness programs.