GET APPED: Steve Baxter with local entrepreneur Greg Hollier.
GET APPED: Steve Baxter with local entrepreneur Greg Hollier. Alistair Brightman

Shark Tank success secrets for the Fraser Coast

IF ENTREPRENEURS have the will, they will find a way even if they're living in regional Queensland according to the state's Chief Entrepreneur and Shark Tank co-host Steve Baxter.

"The thing I think to take to the Fraser Coast like most places in regional Queensland is if you think you can't do it because you are in regional Queensland then get over it," he exclusively told the Chronicle before helping open Community Cubed project yesterday.

"People do do it from regional Queensland and they do it bloody well.

"It is yours to grab and the Fraser Coast is no different, other than it is more beautiful than other places, it is gorgeous here."

Mr Baxter acknowledged 'infrastructure' like Community Cubed and investment groups like Fraser Coast Angels help entrepreneurs move forward with their ideas, but reinforced that nothing beats "the right attitude".

"I don't care about unmotivated people," he said.

"I'm not here to motivate people.

"If they haven't got the get up and go then they can go to hell. But for the ones that do, the best things we can do is hold them up as a beacon and get their successes out.

"Make them the shining light and say 'this is what can happen'.

"But if you don't have it within yourself then I am not going to change your mind."

Berwin discusses Fraser Coast's investment market with Steve Baxter: Fraser Coast's Berwin co-founder and director Andrew Berriman discusses the Fraser Coast investment market with Shark Tank's Steve Baxter and local entrepreneur Greg Hollier.

Mr Baxter continued to say, entrepreneurs who succeed included a vast amount of people with a 'give first' approach to business.

"If you give first without the expectation to get something back you'll actually be shocked with what you get back in return down the track," he said.

"There is a lot of good will, good faith and pay it forward, places like community cubed is places where that gets focused and that is a good thing."

"I get asked deep questions all the time like 'are entrepreneurs born or made?' for example. I don't know anyone with the answer to that one is but I do know entrepreneur's share a trait as someone who is biased towards action.

"Entrepreneurs identify a problem and the default reaction is to act and go out and do something

"In life whether it is a job maker or job taker it will be the same thing.

"Risk and reward, all you have to do is make the reward higher than the risk, it doesn't matter how high those two things are they just have to have a higher reward.

"With Shark Tank we do look at people, we don't really care about ideas to be honest. Over the years we have found it is the people who make or break businesses.

"We look at the skills of the core founding group and see if they have the ability to carry out what they are talking about.

"Then we look at the problem then we look at the idea. If you get the first three things right then we go from there.

"We want an honest person tackling a problem which is big enough and ugly enough for people to pay to have that solved.

"The first idea won't work, the second one doesn't, the third one might and the fourth one did and a good team will experiment and change that and fix it.

"To say people can pick a winner off the bat is just arrogant.

"Good people will change their ideas as they go - it is called a pivot."