A ute damaged in an apparent hit and run in Yamba
A ute damaged in an apparent hit and run in Yamba

SHOCK: Car totalled in nighttime hit-and-run

LEE-ANN Boskovic was woken at 10pm to an almighty crash in their unit at Waratah Avenue in Yamba last night.

"We ran and looked out the window from our balcony to see what was going on when my partner yelled 'Bloody hell! That's my car!'", she said.

The pair ran outside to have a look to find the Holden Rodeo Ute, which had been parked and secured in its usual spot on the roadside extensively damaged in what appeared to be collision damage from another car that had rounded the corner from Willow Way

And although they and neighbours came straight outside to survey the scene, there was no sign of the driver of the vehicle that caused the collision.

"They've hit it and dragged it up the street a way," Ms Boskovic said. "Everyone came out and someone called the police, but the car was gone.

"I jumped in my car and went for a drive around to look for the car, but I didn't really know what I was looking for."

A crew from Yamba Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene and provided fire suppression on the car due to the battery arcing and causing smoke from the vehicle. They disconnected the battery and secured the scene for police.

Coffs/Clarence police say they are looking for witnesses to the incident and urge anyone with information to contact their local police station or Crimestoppers.

Ms Boskovic said they are devastated by the incident which they say has written off the car.

"Someone could've got killed if they were there, Ms Boskovic said. "We just couldn't believe it."