Video shows shark stalking victims after attacking them

Terrifying footage has captured the moment a shark followed a pair of surfers back to shore after biting a man's leg.

A group of surfers were paddling in the water at Southside Beach in Victoria around 4pm Friday when it's believed a shark momentarily grabbed hold of a man's leg.

Dylan Nacass was out in the water when the shark came "straight up" and attacked his leg.

"I didn't see it coming," he said. "I (gave it a) punch in the face. It's really crazy."

Mr Nacass regularly travelled from Melbourne to surf around Torquay.

"I'm happy, I'm lucky because I have my legs."

Mr Nacass guessed it would be a while before he went surfing again.

Torquay man Matt Sedunary, was just metres away when he heard someone yell for help.

"I was just out the back and this dude started screaming," he said.

Sharks follow surfers back to shore at Southside. PICTURE: GRAHAM BLADE
Sharks follow surfers back to shore at Southside. PICTURE: GRAHAM BLADE

"At first I just thought he was having a laugh with his mates, then I saw the fin."

Mr Sedunary paddled the 2m over to the stranger and helped the man back to shore.

Witnesses reported the man had received puncture wounds to the legs requiring stitches, but appeared otherwise okay.

Footage posted to social media showed the shark following the pair as they paddled toward the beach.

"God bless Matt for helping me," Mr Nacass said.

Graham Blade was filming his friend surfing from nearby cliffs when he hard the commotion coming from the water below.

"I didn't see it at first, but I heard a guy yelling," he said.

"As the water came down, I could see it really followed them right back to the shore."

Mr Blade told the Geelong Advertiser this was the closest encounter he'd seen.

"We've seen them around, but something like this hasn't happened before," he said.

"It's never been this close."

At this stage, the species of shark is not known.






Originally published as Shock moment shark stalks surfers after attack