Shock statistics reveal health danger for Coast tradies

THOUSANDS of workers across the Fraser Coast are at risk of hearing loss.

The shocking statistics were revealed by SpecSavers for Tradies Health Awareness Month.

New data shows over the past six months, while lockdown restrictions were in place but trade work continued, there has been a 61 per cent decline in hearing checks across the country, with concerns that current and retired tradies would make up a significant number of these.

Labourers, tradespeople, machine operators and transport workers recorded the highest rate of deafness in Australia, representing about 5421 in the Hervey Bay area.

Specsavers' audiology professionals are encouraging people in the region at risk of noise-induced hearing loss to get tested.

"Although missing checks was unavoidable for some during lockdown, this data suggests that unless these patients had an urgent hearing matter or injury, many would have likely deferred seeking advice," a statement from Specsavers read.

"It's predicted that 3.6 million Australians live with hearing loss in Australia.

"However, it generally takes Australians seven to 10 years to acknowledge their hearing loss before they act on it, and Specsavers audiology professionals don't want individuals to put it off any longer."

Senior Specsavers audiologist Kathryn Launchbury said it was important to look after one's hearing.

"Once you lose it, there is no getting it back," she said.

"However, there are preventive measures you can take.

"Tradies Health Awareness Month is a timely reminder to the Hervey Bay community to have your hearing checked.

"Specsavers audiology professionals are qualified to assist you in your hearing journey and recommend the right solution for your lifestyle.

"We value your hearing, and you should too."

Tips for avoiding hearing loss:

  • Wear hearing protection such as ear plugs, ear muffs or both.
  • Reduce the number of different noises at any one time
  • Observe the one metre rule: If you need to raise your voice to talk to someone about a metre away, you can assume the level is hazardous to your hearing.

To get your hearing tested, call 4128 4833.