A man has been arrested and charged after an alleged incident at Howard.
A man has been arrested and charged after an alleged incident at Howard.

SHOCKING: Man accused of attacking police with axe

A MAN who allegedly attacked police with an axe after a foot chase has been charged.

A 29-year-old Dagun man has been charged with the serious assault of two male police officers and a police dog after an incident earlier this month.

Police were called to Pacific Haven address near Howard in relation to a disturbance about 10pm on Saturday, October 12.

It is alleged that when officers arrived, the man, armed with an axe, took off into thick bushland.

Howard police and the Maryborough Dog Squad searched for the man and after he was found, the man allegedly presented the axe in a threatening manner while verbally threatening to harm police.

When police approached on foot and in a car, the man allegedly threw the axe which struck the driver's side of the police car.

The alleged offender was subdued by a police dog, tasered and arrested.

He will appear in the Hervey Bay Magistrate Court on November 7.

Acting inspector for Maryborough Patrol Group, Brooke Flood, said it was a sad reality that police officers had to deal with these types of situations as part of their duties.  

"Officers are given training to address most situations however it is something police never like having to confront," Act Insp Flood said.  

"At the end of the day police officers are like everyone else.   

"We are sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers.  

"We go to work to look after and protect our community.  

"Sometimes this means they put their own lives on the line to help."  

Act Insp Flood said any attack on police or other emergency service first responders was unacceptable.  

"It is a criminal act to assault a police officer or any emergency service officers, you will be charged and put (before) the court," she said.