People run for their lives after the shooting began.
People run for their lives after the shooting began.

Shooting at food festival in the US

AUTHORITIES in the US are responding to reports of a shooting at a garlic festival in California.

Police are yet to comment on the reports, but NBC reported at least 11 people had been injured.

The shooter has not yet been caught. Dramatic footage from the scene shows people screaming and running for their lives, many holding hands as they ran from the gunfire.

"What's going on?" a woman can be heard asking on one video.

"Who'd shoot up a garlic festival?" As many as 15 loud shots could be heard, with some witnesses saying they initially thought they were made by fireworks.

"Please pray everyone. Random shooters started shooting everywhere," one person tweeted. "One boy is dead so far and others injured. We're still waiting while they find them."

Another tweeted: "Scariest moments of my life at the Gilroy garlic festival," one person tweeted. "I hope everyone made it out okay."

Founded in 1979, the three-day Gilroy Garlic Festival features food, drink, live entertainment and cooking competitions. It says it is hosted by volunteers and describes itself as the world's greatest summer food festival. Gilroy is about 48 km south of San Jose.

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