Sam Harrison of Formally Yours is giving away 100 wedding dresses this weekend.
Sam Harrison of Formally Yours is giving away 100 wedding dresses this weekend.

THIS IS LOVE! Free wedding dresses for 100 lucky brides

THE coronavirus pandemic has played havoc with every aspect of life as we knew it.

For those who had spent months planning the perfect day to tie the knot, COVID-19 restrictions forced them to call it off or severely downsize.

Some engaged couples have had to bear the cost of lost deposits as plans drastically changed.

That's where Formally Yours is stepping in.


Usually the not-for-profit service based out of Redbank Plaza focuses on providing formal wear for students who might struggle to purchase an outfit.

At the store's official reopening tomorrow, store owner Sam Harrison said the focus has changed.

"Because there haven't been any formals going on we're trying to help in another area, which is brides who have been disadvantaged," she said.

"Some are out of pocket because there's been a lot of cancellations."

The store will be giving away 100 wedding dresses.

A handful will be sold for a fixed price and another dozen will require a donation.

"We've got 350 bridesmaids gowns that we're going to sell out for $20 each,' Ms Harrison said.

"We're going to put all the money we get from that towards buying some more high-end quality second hand (formal) dresses."

Due to social distancing requirements, only 10 people will be allowed in shops at a time, even as things are further eased around the state this weekend.

"We've only got four dressing rooms," Ms Harrison said.

"We're going to limit it to just the bride. She can have her bridal party with her as long as they're there for the outfits.

"The ones that are there by themselves can have one person with them.

"We've cleared out the front window so they can walk up to the shop window and show family and friends waiting outside."

Formally Yours will open today from 9am and Mrs Harrison was expecting a very busy day.

The first 50 brides will receive a goodie bag with an envelope of vouchers for wedding-related services.

She hoped she could give a them a boost, like she had done for so many school students.

"If it's still busy by 5 or 6pm, we'll just reopen on Sunday and keep going," she said.

"The stories we could tell you that come through the shop are just incredible.

"The kids that come in, they're so beaten and defeated and have no self esteem and they go out and they're just on top of the world."