CAUGHT OUT : Huong Thanh Nguyen stole vitamins.
CAUGHT OUT : Huong Thanh Nguyen stole vitamins. luchschen

Shoplifter identified herself when placing a script

RETURNING to the scene of the crime and leaving her name and address details behind made it all too easy for Bundaberg police to identify shoplifter Huong Thanh Nguyen.

On November 10 last year Nguyen entered a Bundaberg discount drug store and used a catalogue to hide her hands while she placed a $30 bottle of vitamins into her handbag.

Appearing in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court and pleading guilty to one count of stealing after a previous conviction, Nguyen did not explain what compelled her to return to the same store the very next day.

She placed a script with the pharmacist, giving the store her details and making it easy for police to identify her from the CCTV footage.

Nguyen was sentenced to 40 hours community service with a conviction recorded.