A man has appeared in Hervey Bay court over masturbating in public. Photo: File
A man has appeared in Hervey Bay court over masturbating in public. Photo: File

Shopping centre creep busted for rude act in front of kids

A MAN has faced Hervey Bay Magistrates Court charged over masturbating in the Hervey Bay Stocklands carpark.

62 year old Colin Grohs pleaded guilty to the charge with the court hearing he originally visited the centre to buy groceries.

Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Sonia Edwards said on August 15, “around 12pm that day, police attended the centre and were advised of the male’s behaviour ... after a member of the public complained about a male masturbating between the cars at the entrance of the shopping centre.”

“Security have gone to speak to him, approached him and noted he was covering his lower abdomen with his hands, he stated to security that he was unwell and driven away.

“He was captured on CCTV moving his hand on his groin in a back and forth motion … this went of for 45 minutes, continuing to masturbate.

“Many men, women and children walked past the male as it was peak shopping time.”

Constable Edwards said police tracked down Mr Grohs and interviewed him about the incident.

“He made admissions to attending the shopping centre and masturbating, he stated he was using ice at the time.”

Duty lawyer Hamish Isles said “your honour this particular offence, in my submission, is a one off. He had been off illicit substances for seven to eight years.”

“In my submission, the fact of the matter that the offence happened some time ago is supportive of the conclusion that aside from this event, he has rehabilitated himself.

Magistrate Stephen Guthridge took into account Mr Grohs early plea of guilty and took into account his co-operation with police.

“A period of probation would offer you some assistance and assistance to the community.”

Mr Grohs was sentenced to an 18 month probation order and a conviction was recorded.