WARRIOR: Whattha is nine months old now, and has another hurdle to overcome.
WARRIOR: Whattha is nine months old now, and has another hurdle to overcome. Contributed

Shot puppy has another mountain to climb

WARRIOR puppy Whattha has overcome mountains in his short nine months of life and he's got yet another climb ahead of him.

The courageous puppy broke our hearts in November, as he battled through life-threatening injuries, as a result of being shot, only to then be hit with a nasty tetanus infection.

RSPCA Queensland is raising funds for his latest surgery, a stent implant which will allow the puppy to breathe properly.

RSPCA Queensland chief vet officer Anne Chester told the Whitsunday Times, as Whattha's gunshot wounds had healed, there was a build up of scar tissue in the nasopharyngeal area, the space near his upper throat and behind the nose.

"He's got almost a complete obstruction at the back of his throat, which is most likely scar tissue following the original trauma," Ms Chester said.

"The stent will be put in there to get rid of that obstruction to allow airflow through his nose, making it easier for him to breathe.

"This is all being done at the specialist practice... UQ (University of Queensland) has a specialist clinic, and they have been very kind in helping us out with this particular case."

Ms Chester said Whattha's leg had healed well, and that he was a "bright and happy" puppy.

The University of Queensland veterinary hospital has donated the surgery, however the stent implant, which will be come from Europe, costs $2000.

The nine-month old American Staffie mix has been in the care of the RSPCA for more than three months now, and during that time has had about 30 visits to the vet.

"He's amazing dog. His foster carer in Mackay fell in love with him. He always smiles, and he's wagging his tail. It's an incredible story," an RSPCA Queensland spokesperson said.

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