Less than 18 months after the Coolum stabbing, he was caught with three guns.
Less than 18 months after the Coolum stabbing, he was caught with three guns. Contributed

Shotgun, pistol, revolver land father in trouble

A YOUNG father was found with three guns and a drug stash while serving a suspended sentence for a bizarre attack on an elderly man.

Former Sunshine Coast man Gavin Hugh Engi pleaded guilty and was sentenced on Monday after being caught with the weapons and hundreds of grams of ice.

A court heard that within about 16 months of being convicted at Maroochydore for a meth-addled stabbing, Engi was found with the drugs and guns.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard that in the Coolum attack, Engi told the man: "This is going to be the worst day of your life".

The man in his 60s was stabbed in the shoulder and fell off the boardwalk.

Defence counsel Saul Holt said Engi was abandoned at 13 and effectively forced to raise himself.

Mr Holt said Engi re-offended after being released from custody without "meaningful support".

He said Engi had lately been making progress with rehabilitation.

Justice Roslyn Atkinson it was disturbing Engi was found last year with a working self-loading pistol, inoperable revolver and an operable shotgun.

But she said Engi presented "the worst dilemma for a sentencing judge".

She said that was because Engi had made progress and had potential but there was no way she couldn't send him to jail.

A previous suspended sentence was activated and three years, five months jail imposed.

For the new charges, he was sentenced to a further five years, seven months.

He will be eligible for parole on November 25, 2020.

"When you come out, make sure you are able to take responsibility for those who love you," the judge told him. -NewsRegional