Should the Fraser Coast become more RV-friendly?

A SUGGESTION has been made for the Fraser Coast to become more RV-friendly in a bid to generate revenue. 

We asked our Facebook community to have their say on the Coast embracing an RV-friendly approach. 

There was a mixed response with some readers all for the move to promote tourism and boost the local economy, while some readers believe money should be spent on the locals. 

One reader suggested a public meeting be held with council to discuss the topic. 


Rowan Walk: "The businesses of which would see the money, if any are the ones along the foreshore. These business owners are paying outrageous amounts in rent and to make it worth while need to jack up the price. Not all but majority of these grey nomads will do their shopping at coles and woolies in order to live off their savings/pension. Overseas tourism is hit and miss with the $AUD and again the majority of those younger tourists are in the area because of Fraser Island which is cheaper to explore from Rainbow Beach. High rise buildings bring jobs and brings us into the trendy modern category. People who stay in them are often business or wealthier class which seem to want to get out and spend money."

Teena-Maree Petersen: "Yes and no. It's a great idea, but at what cost. I would not like to see the caravan park owners in the area suffer. The council charges them ridiculous fees, which unfortunately the have to pass onto Caravaners. We generally stay in caravan parks because they too have to survive. Maybe the council could look at charging the existing parks less fees, which park owners could then pass on to Caravaners as cheaper rates."

Sandy Taylor: "Ask the people - the proper way is a public meeting where the council must listen to the people. 

Cameron Robert: I am sick of everyone concerned about tourist in this town. How about we get something done for the people who actually live here.

Craig Mcintosh: "Yes we should, I think the land on kent street near the bridge would be a great place to set it up, the old sheds there are an eye sore, yes it floods but could be set up to deal with that."

Geoff Emery: "Travellers and campers spend money and cheap, clean amenities will bring more money to the shire now rather than speculative high rise developments along part of the foreshore. Boosting business turnover in areas around the shire will maintain and grow employment and along with the more effective promotion of tourist attractions we can leave the ersatz Gold Coast glitz behind."

Dell Isdale: "Let you in on my little secret. I owned Mary Delicious, sold it a few months back. I had tapped into the tourist trade. I advertised in travel guides etc. The tourist/grey nomads were good spenders and guess what...they would come back every year. My locals were my bread and butter, but without the tourists every season I would not of been able to run a successful business. Everyone needs to understand and welcome this important revenue into Maryborough."

Michel Irving: "When we have been travelling around Australia in a caravan, most towns love the Grey Nomads. The Welcome mat is always there as they appreciate that we will be spending our money in their town. Groceries, Alcohol, Restuarants, Tours, Hardware, Caravan Accessories. Etc. The Welcome Mat should always be there. Don't under estimate the value of these very friendly visitors to your town."