The Biggest Loser Families winner Daniel Jofre pictured, centre, with brothers Pablo, left, and Tony.
The Biggest Loser Families winner Daniel Jofre pictured, centre, with brothers Pablo, left, and Tony. Photo Contributed

Biggest loser show should lose families

ANOTHER Biggest Loser has been crowned, but should Channel 10 bring back the weight-loss show next year?

Tuesday's grand final had saw Daniel Jofre take out the title and split his $100,000 winnings with his two brothers Tony and Pablo and his uncle Rob.

The big, burly and until recently bearded Victorian blokes dominated this year's show and when it came to the finale the family was guaranteed a win.

But that's part of the problem with the family format - alliances are already predetermined, making many of the eliminations predictable affairs.

It was hard to engage with the families at the start of this year's season because there was so much family in-fighting. Many contestants looked like bigger whingers than they might have if they'd been competing as individuals. By the time the show dissolved the teams it was too late - the Jofres were already an unstoppable force having eliminated their main competitors from the contest.

Earlier this week long-time Biggest Loser trainer Shannan Ponton told Mumbrella the show needs a back-to-basics overhaul if it returns in 2016, and I agree with him.

All of the game play detracts from the central aim of the show - to help the contestants, and viewers, learn about fitness, nutrition and what a generally healthy lifestyle looks like.

TBL Families gave very little airtime to the contestants' learning curve in the kitchen, instead focusing on the gross factor of the unhealthy eating habits which caused them to pack on the kilos in the first place.

And then to put the contestants in the position of eating their guilty pleasure foods like cheesecake and cheeseburgers to gain strategic advantages is just cruel, not to mention sickening to watch.

It must be tempting for producers to dial up the drama, but the hard work that goes into weight loss and dramatic transformations are what I really want to see.