Banana spiking case an isolated incident

UPDATE: A 62-YEAR-OLD woman was cautioned by police after a banana was allegedly contaminated with a metal object at a Maryborough supermarket.

Queensland Police said in a statement the alleged incident was not linked to the ongoing strawberry sabotage crisis that has seen fruit stripped off Queensland shelves.

"Police are confident no other products were contaminated in this alleged incident," the statement said.

The Queensland Government also earlier confirmed to the alleged incident was mental health-related.

A spokesman for the Premier clarified a person with a mental health issue allegedly put the object in the banana.


EARLIER: QUEENSLAND Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said there are "significant leads" into a metal object being found in a banana at a Maryborough supermarket.

The news comes after multiple cases of needles being found in strawberries were reported to police.

It is understood the Maryborough case is unrelated to the strawberry supply, however copycats cannot be ruled out.

"We have had a report about one instance involving a banana, that is the only one of those we've had so far that I'm aware of, and we're following several leads in relation to that particular incident," Commissioner Stewart told reporters at a conference earlier today.

"Sadly, there are those in the community who don't understand the harm they're doing and the potential for serious injury or loss of life to someone who might actually eat one of these fruits."