NRL player Corey Oates in Rockhampton.
NRL player Corey Oates in Rockhampton.

The quote creating a buzz over Oates re-signing speculation

AMID contract uncertainty, Broncos winger Corey Oates stopped just shy of confirming he would re-sign with the struggling Brisbane side while admitting there was a mystery "two colours" that caught his eye during the off season.

When asked how close he was to re-signing with the Broncos, Oates responded "hopefully soon."

He went on to say a deal is getting "closer and closer" while attending an event promoting indigenous school attendance in Rockhampton this morning.

"I think that's all summed up now and what we're waiting for is hopefully all done," Oates said.

"It's there and about," he said.

He said the end to the 2019 season was disappointing, hinting it was a note he did not want to leave on.

"I'm excited to see what we can bring," Oates said.

Conversations with coach Anthony Seibold have been "very healthy" according to the former, perhaps returning, winger.

NRL player Corey Oates in Rockhampton.
NRL player Corey Oates in Rockhampton.

Despite the confidence that he will return to the Broncos, Oates spoke of a mystery "two colours" that he may have considered signing to.

But when pushed further, his lips sealed.

"There was a stage where I wasn't too certain where I was going to be - I always thought I'd be a Bronco for life and it's still hopefully there," Oates said.

Oates's vaguely pro-Broncos signing rhetoric has been the flavour for much of the off season, but today he sought to justify staying in Brisbane.

"It's always hard to leave when you've been somewhere for so long," he said.

"I've just had a little girl and I have a little family - that makes it a lot harder.

"All that stuff comes into consideration."

Without confirming a contract, Oates said he was confident the foundations of a 2020 Broncos side had what it takes to turn the team's fortune around in the wake of recent signings.

"It's exciting for next season," he said

"Signing a few more players is a bonus but I was always confident in who we had,"

"We need to keep a good core group for the younger players."