Signs our readers grew up on the Fraser Coast

THE Chronicle wanted to find out how residents knew they grew up on the Fraser Coast.

We posted on Facebook the following statement on August 4: "You know you grew up on the Fraser Coast when..."

We were inundated with recollections of childhood delights from way back when.

Here are some of the best responses.

 Lawrence Wyvill remembers from when he was eight: "When you could go to the beach and catch fish and in five minutes and you have a feed for the family."

Jennifer Flanagan remembers movie matinees at the theatre in Scarness plus: "The skating rink and fun parlour in the arcade meant great Christmas holidays."

Marie Clare is delighted by past sensory experiences: "The sight of sugarcane burning and the sweet smell as the trucks forward by and burnt pieces fell out."

Debbie Polley relives the dances: "Live bands played at the Interact Dances for high school kids in Maryborough in the late 60s."

Marie Miller said: "You know where KFC was before its current location and the Tav was the Big Can and the Kondari was called the Mello."

Rachel Phillipson quipped that she knew she was from the Fraser Coast because she grew up around the ocean but can't surf.

Rhonda Barbeler thinks fondly of pies: "You remember buying Sauer's Pies out the back of a truck."

Anaree Nelson ranks catching a train high on the list plus the smaller town vibe: "When you caught a train from Maryborough to Hervey Bay for a school outing. When Hervey Bay had a population of 6000 and at holiday time it was 12,000."

Boat Harbour Dr has grown to become Hervey Bay's major road.

Cheyna Manski loved the holidays: "Every weekend and school holidays was spent on the boat at Fraser..."

Janelle Yeomans remembers the days when there was only one High School in Hervey Bay."

Megan Mackander said: "You remember seeing Hook at the cinemas when it was across from Hervey Bay Hotel."

Gemma Playle said only locals would know this one: "You still call IGA Andy's."

Bambette Kerr is a woman of practicality: "You knew you had to fuel up your car or motorbike in Maryborough before a Saturday or Sunday night run to Hervey Bay and back. No servos were open in Hervey Bay at night."

Neville Dingle remembers the logistics: "When you had to catch a train at Scarness to go to Maryborough for high school."

Emily Baumann remembers hide and seek: "Running around and hiding in the big green houses at Queens Park."

Vonnie Rose remembers when streets were unconnected and shops of old: "The Esplanade stopped at Zephyr St and started again at Main St. Boat Harbour Drive was called Signboard Road. Styler's and BCC were the supermarkets.

John Anderson also has fond memories of the Haddows Ice Cream cart which, was owned by his grandfather.
John Anderson also has fond memories of the Haddows Ice Cream cart which, was owned by his grandfather. Hervey Bay Historical Village

Shaun Beckett remembers the zaps: "You tried to pick up the 20c coin off

Haddows fun parlour counter and got an electric shock."

Joy Oliver knows she's from the Fraser Coast: "Stockland will always been known as Centro."

Andrea Mackander thinks of progress: "When you remember Condor Lakes Shopping Centre (now Eli Waters) and the excitement of McDonald's opening, and Bay Central. And not a single traffic light in town!"

Tracie Sharp reckons this is the best: "Mama Rosa's was the place to be after the 'Muck hole'."

Beth Battle remembers an active younger life: "You roller skated at new haven Friday and Saturday nights."

Have you got any memories of the region? Share them below.