A NATIONAL medal has given Todd Baldwin a far more positive reason to remember his School Sport Australia Triathlon Championship experience.

Baldwin anchored one of Queensland all-age relay teams on Thursday, but made the high-pressure role look easy.

Granted his team-mates had developed a 60-second gap between him and third, but Baldwin still had plenty of work to do as he began his leg.

"There was a pretty large gap between first and second, and about a minute back to third so I just had to keep them off and apply pressure to them," he said.

He executed his role perfectly, and the second-placed finish has helped the Hervey Bay teenager overcome some of the disappointment from his breakdown in the individual event.

"It feels pretty good to have a good run after yesterday's performances," he said.

"There's still a bit of nerves.

"It's a team race so it's supposed to be a little bit more fun and there's a little pressure off.

"It's pretty cool to get a medal at a national event so that's a plus."

Baldwin was among the leaders in the Wednesday's intermediate male race, but broke down on the run to finish 27th.

He was understandably upset after the race, but that experience seemed a distant memory to the man who tackled the relay.

When Baldwin began his leg he was a few hundred metres behind training partner and junior male champion Lochie Armstrong, and it was clear the good friends pushed each other to success.

"Me and Lochie train together so we had a bit of competition and pushed each other along," Baldwin said.

"I tried to get him going on the bike and the run as second was pretty close behind him so it was good to keep him going."

It worked, as Armstrong anchored his junior Queensland team to gold.

The pair will now enjoy a short break before they head into training for the cross country season.