A SINKHOLE began swallowing a popular beach this morning, drawing a crowd of about 30 onlookers.

Chris Fry was capturing drone footage for her social media accounts at Inskip Point, near Rainbow Beach, when she notice the beach beginning to fall away.

Ms Fry had made her way to the popular hotspot from Brisbane, and when she left the beach at 9am she said the sinkhole was about 10m in diameter.

"We were the first ones to notice it and it just drastically got bigger and bigger within minutes," Ms Fry said.

"By the time I got my drone out to capture what was happening it began slowing down.

"Up to 30 people gathered around watching and I didn't know if we should have been standing so close- it was pretty scary."

Sinkhole opens up on Inskip Point.
Sinkhole opens up on Inskip Point.

The new sinkhole opened up metres from where a 7.5m deep sinkhole swallowed a large patch of beach almost a year ago to the day.

On September 23, 2018 a hole opened up overnight, reaching back to the tree line.

Another incident in September 2015, a few hundred metres from this sinkhole, forced the evacuation of the MV Beagle campground and left authorities struggling to retrieve expensive gear, including a caravan, a car, a trailer and tents.