A four-wheel drive van underwater on Fraser Island.
A four-wheel drive van underwater on Fraser Island. Andrew Chorley

Van driver has that sinking feeling on Fraser Island

ONE unlucky driver has had their automobile added to the Fraser Island seascape after rising water engulfed the van in Coongul Creek.

The vehicle, which has been described as the latest "eyesore" by passers-by, can be seen in plain view from Platypus Bay.

Andrew Mikitis of Fraser Island Vehicle Recovery and Towing says that the most important thing for drivers to remember when visiting Fraser Island duringthe holidays was to be prepared.

"Take basic recovery gear like tow straps, bog mats and basically use common sense," he said.

"The whole area is drought declared.

"It's bone dry and the tracks are extremely rough."

Those drivers who do find themselves in need of rescue will find themselves paying as much as $150 per hour.

"I'd rather see people enjoy their holidays than ruin them by trying to do things their cars aren't meant to do," Mr Mikitis said.