One of the Tiger Sharks caught across the weekend.
One of the Tiger Sharks caught across the weekend.

Six sharks destroyed while Justine shares first words

TWO more sharks caught on drum lines in Cid Harbour today have been destroyed.

A Tiger shark, measuring 3.7m and a black tip shark, measuring 1.2m, were 'humanely euthanised'.

The sharks were measured and taken out to sea for disposal.

Six sharks have now been removed from the Cid Harbour area since three drum lines were temporarily deployed last Friday.

A Fisheries Queensland spokesperson said the message is these waters are not safe for swimming.

"During this holiday period, we urge people to exercise caution, stay out of the water and not throw foodscraps overboard from boats."

INITIAL: FOUR tiger sharks were destroyed over the weekend by baited hooks dropped into Sawmill Bay by Fisheries Queensland after the attacks on Justine Barwick, 46, and Hannah Papps, 12.

The tiger shark was 'humanely euthanised' after being caught in the Cid Harbour area on Sunday afternoon, Fisheries Queensland said in a statement.

"This shark measures 3.7 metres and, like the others, would pose a serious threat to people swimming in the Cid Harbour waters," a department spokesperson said.

The state government insists catching and killing sharks is in the interest of public safety even though it is impossible to know if they caused the injuries, with the Liberal National Party agreeing it's the right move.

A Fisheries Queensland spokesperson said the drum lines put in place would at least remain for the next week.

Sea Shepherd Australia's Jonathan Clark has questioned the government response, saying the attacks happened in a renowned "no-go zone".

"Baited drum lines targeting sharks in the area will do nothing to prevent further accidents. They may even make the situation worse."

"We have been told that this is an area where locals do not swim, that fishers take sharks there, and that it's a safe harbour for boats but not for swimming. One of the best mitigation methods is good public information. Were locals and visitors adequately warned following the first bite incident?"

The Courier-Mail is reporting Ms Barwick, 46, has spoken to her husband for the first time after being mauled last Wednesday night.

"In typical Justine fashion her first words to me were 'sorry I have caused so much trouble' and she is asking after the welfare of family and friends," her husband Craig said.