Lady Justice
Lady Justice

‘Slimy fat dog’: Veteran faces court after carpark dispute

MOST people get frustrated when someone steals their carpark but one Hervey Bay veteran got so angry it landed him in court.

Jason Phillip Landers pleaded guilty to public nuisance after he verbally abused a couple for "stealing his carpark" on Charlton Esplanade in March.

The 50-year-old divorced man was near Bideford Street when he left his car and approached the couple who had parked their car in the contested spot.

He yelled at them calling them "a disgusting piece of s***"and a "slimy fat dog".

The incident was recorded on a mobile phone.

Landers' defence lawyer told the court he was a father of four who received veteran payments.

Landers served in the air force for 21 years and still works with them on a part-time basis.

The court heard the man was made angrier by the fact the couple who had taken the park were not remorseful and had told him "too bad".

He said at the time Landers felt taken advantage of.

The defence tendered a letter outlining his medical issues pertaining to his time in the service.

He was sentenced to a $300 recognisance of good behaviour for 12 months.

No conviction was recorded.