Small community reaping big rewards from RV stopover

Biggenden is booming after embracing the RV friendly town status.

These are the words being echoed throughout the small community west of Maryborough including the local caravan park.

Phil Russo is the caretaker of the Mountain View Caravan Park at Biggenden and said at first he was hesitant about the stopover but soon realised the importance of having it for the whole community.

"At first I didn't like it but I must say, it's been really good for everybody.

"I even get some people stay there a few nights and then come up here and stay a few nights. The longer they stay the better," Mr Russo said.

Despite other Fraser Coast caravan parks' belief the stopovers will take away from their business, Mr Russo says it has complemented it.

 "We're still doing well here at the caravan park.

"This park plus that RV park does help keep our little town alive. The more people the better. That's what it's all about," Mr Russo said.

The North Burnett Regional Council gave the land at the old railway yard on Edward St to the Chamber of Commerce for self-contained vehicles to use for a 72 hour stopover for $5 per night.

Mr Russo said he could understand any towns not wanting to offer a stopover for nomads.

"The more towns that do it the better it'll be for them."


Commercial Hotel employee Kerrie Carlson said the RV stopover had brought loads more business to the small town.

"As it's across the road from us, the campers have the option to come across and have a meal and a drink and not have the worry of driving," Ms Carlson said.

"It's good for the town. They have a look around and it's just convenient for them being in the centre of town."

North Burnett councillor Robert Radel said: "I think it's absolutely a positive thing for the community.

"The amount of money those people spend while they are in town it keeps small communities going," he said.

"It provides a safe budget accommodation and the money that they save by staying there they spend in the town one way or another," Cr Radel said.

"I think it's a fantastic thing and I can honestly say I have had no negative feedback from any businesses or individuals about it being there."

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