Smell coming from shed gives away offending

A strong smell of marijuana coming from a garage at Boyne Island made police suspect there may have been some drug offences occurring.

The police had attended for an unrelated matter on November 11 but when they arrived they immediately searched for drugs.

They found 1.9g of marijuana, a grinder, a glass water pipe and another two home made water pipes.

Jack Ross Stuart-Sutherland, 29, claimed ownership of each of the items.

Stuart-Sutherland pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to possessing dangerous drugs, possessing utensils and possessing anything used in the commissioning of a crime.

Defence lawyer Rio Ramos said her client had been unemployed for a year due to a back injury.

She said he used the drug for recreation and as a pain and stress reliever.

Stuart-Sutherland was fined $750 and convictions were recorded.

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