Dan and Steph Mulheron outside their Hervey Bay restauarant Eat.
Dan and Steph Mulheron outside their Hervey Bay restauarant Eat. Hayden Johnson

Is there anything better than bangers and mash?

OPINION: Coming into the cooler months, there's really nothing better than a snag in bread with onion and sauce or bangers with mash and gravy.

Dan has a huge passion for snags and Dan's very own beef, bacon and maple sausage is available at Eat at Dan and Steph's every day.

His passion started more than 15 years ago when Dan worked casually at a local butcher and once a week it was his job to create a mix, fill them and tie the sausages.

He loved the opportunity to be experimental.

Over the years, Dan has created many different flavours of snags - it's about experimenting and seeing if the flavours work.

To make a great home made snag, it's important to get the meat-to-fat ratio bang on, 80% meat and 20% fat is what we choose to use; don't forget to add herbs, spices and of course seasoning with salt and pepper.

When creating your filling, take a small amount and cook it, have a taste, it's at this point when you adjust flavours and seasonings.

You can choose any meat and we like to always use pork fat. You can use fresh sausage skins that you can request from any butcher or you can use collagen skins.

Making your own sausages can be fun, but more importantly you know exactly what goes in them and you feel a great sense of accomplishment after making a batch.

To fill the sausage casings you can purchase sausage making machines for around $250-$300 from any electrical appliance store. They will fill the casings quickly, otherwise there are also hand filling machines online too.

After filling the cases, allow them to hang in the fridge to firm up.

Give them at least 48 hours prior to cooking, this will save them from bursting.

We love to cook our snags under the grill - it gives them a nice crispy skin.

While they are cooking, continually turn them, but do not poke them as this releases all the flavour and moisture, your sausage will then be dry.

While on MKR we created only three different flavours of sausages: duck and blueberry which were great in flavour, blood sausage which was very unique and the judges loved it and then in the grand final we created a fish sausage using flathead fillets, herbs, lemon zest and cream as the fat component.

The fish sausage was delicious and we were really happy with it, but it did dry out quickly from sitting around. Cooked fish dries out quickly.

We would like to recreate the fish sausage one day, but as flathead is more than $40 per kilo it's an expensive sausage to make.

There was talk on MKR that we wanted to open our own gourmet sausage shop, but after doing research it was not viable to open one in Hervey Bay. Eat at Dan and Steph's was the best option.

Dan creates his very own flavour for Eat - this season it's beef, bacon and maple syrup.

Our local butcher, Dale at Kawungan Quality Meats, allows Dan to make our very own blend sausages using large sausage-making equipment, which is a huge help. Thanks mate.

Our next new sausage flavour will be available at Eat in early June and will also be available at our Eat pop-up restaurant at Relish Festival, which is held in Queens Park, Maryborough on Saturday, June 7.

Discover your love for homemade sausages.